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Latin American Canadians

A Latin American Canadian or Hispanic Canadian is a Canadian of Latin American descent or birth. Latin American is the term used by Statistics Canada. The Latin American Canadian population comprises 0.97% of the population as of 2006.

Other terms used sometimes are "Latino Canadian" and "Latin Canadian". However, the latter, though conveniently short, may be subject to controversy on whether not only people of Latin American descent are included, but also "Latins" with direct origins in Latin Europe, such as Spanish Canadians, Italian Canadians, Portuguese Canadians, and French Canadians.

Majority of Latin American Canadians are recent immigrants who arrived in the late 20th century from El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Guatemala, with smaller communities from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador and elsewhere, with all or nearly all the Latin American countries represented.

The largest Latin American Canadian communities are in the census metropolitan areas of Toronto (99,290), Montreal (75,400), Vancouver (22,695), Calgary (13,415), and Ottawa (10,630), and there are rapidly growing ones in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. Majority of Latin American Canadians are bilingual or multilingual, usually speaking Spanish or Portuguese, on the one hand, and English or French on the other.

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