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Filipino Canadians

Filipino Canadians are Canadians of Filipino ancestry. Filipino-Canadians are the fourth-largest subgroup of the Overseas Filipinos.

Canada only had a small population of Filipinos until the late 20th century. To date, there are currently around 400,000 Filipino Canadians in Canada, most of them living in urbanized areas. This number is growing yearly due to Canada's more liberal immigration laws to compensate for their low population growth. Filipino-Canadians are the third-largest Asian-Canadian group in the nation after the Indian and Chinese communities.

They are also the largest Southeast Asian group in the country. Between the years of 2001 and 2006 the Filipino community in Canada grew from 308,575 to 410,695 or a growth of about 33%, compared to the rest of Canada which only grew by about 5%. On average, Canada received about 20,500 Filipino immigrants every year between 2001 and 2006.

Regions with significant population of Filipinos include Toronto CMA with 171, 690, Vancouver with 78, 890, Winnipeg with 36, 935, Calgary with 25, 565, Montreal with 23, 510 and Edmonton with 19, 625 people.

Predominant languages are Canadian English, Canadian French, Tagalog, Spanish, Visayan languages and other Philippine languages while they practice  predominantly Catholic religion and can be found in other minority denominations.


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